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List of Local Businesses

Listing local businesses on our Website is done as a courtesy to the business owners and for the convenience of our citizens.  We do not advertise any business on this Website.

Name:  Bayside Marine & Repair
Phone:  654-7446


Name:  Big Lake Guide Service, Aaron Hayden
Web Address:


Name:  Changing Styles
Phone:  898-8954


Name:  Fisher Sand & Gravel

Name:  Iron Oar Restaurant


Name:  Knights Bar & Grill
Phone:  654-9559
Web Address:

Name:  Reel Convenience
Phone:  654-9927


Name:  Riverdale High Lodge
Web Address:


Name:  Riverdale Inn
Phone:  654-9538

Name:  Sakakawea Sunset Lodge
Phone:  654-7600


Name:  Spillway Coffee House
Phone:  654-9540


Name:  Sportsman's Complex/Sakakawea Motel
Phone:  487-3356


Name:  US Postal Service
Phone:  654-7531
Web Address: